The Power of ReikiRHODE ISLAND REIKI offers personalized care, bringing the benefits of Reiki therapy to those in need.


Our bodies
are in a constant state of growing, repairing, or trying to achieve a healthy balance. During much of our life time this balance is achieved to some degree that we accept, or can deal with. This state of well-being can be severely compromised when a situation occurs that we have no control over.

Preparing for surgery, or recuperating from a procedure, is the ultimate time the body needs all the care it can muster. Thinking of all the "what if" and tasks that need to be accomplished uses all the energy in a negative manner that should be spent on maintaining that sense of balance.

Taking time to achieve a state of relaxation, eliminating outside stressors, allowing the body to achieve that state of balance so it can repair itself, or handle the next step - that's what we should give ourselves and our family members.

Reiki is that practice for achieving that state of relaxation, through the reduction of stress.