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West Bay Web, located in the historic village of Wickford, RI, can supply business web hosting solutions that offer rapid deployment and customization to suit your specialized needs. Your business Web presence will reside within West Bay Web's secure server facilities on both coasts. Web services are provided using the industry-standard Apache v2.2 web server, providing PHP v5.1.1 and database services using MySQL v5.0.18I. We also offer a very robust business mail solution, provided through EIMS v3.3.7, which also supports WebMail. If you are intrigued by the notion of controlling your own web presence, drop us a line. Give us some idea of your needs and existing infrastructure, and we'll give you a quote.

West Bay Web is a PayPal Verified Vendor. You may make payments for all West Bay Web services, products, consulting and support using PayPal.
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