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-= Sue and Mark Dils =-

Easter, Christening, and our trip to Point Pelee National Park, Canada!

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Click on image to view at full size!Greetings once again! Isn't Sarah a cutie? Four months have flown by, and we can't believe how big she has grown. At her last visit to the pediatrician, Sarah weighed 13 pounds, 13 ounces and she was 24 and 3/4 inches. It is exciting now too because so many changes are taking place all at once, it seems. She is now eating cereal (although a very small amount), plays in her Supersaucer, sleeps all night (but alas! her naps are getting shorter), is doing "baby crunches," coos and laughs, and watches everyone and everything. I never knew babyhood to be such a fascinating thing to watch.

Click on image to view at full size!For Easter Uncle Lee, Aunt Sue, and cousin Leo came to visit. We had a great time. The Saturday before Easter we went to our first Easter Egg Hunt (sorry, no good photos of Mr. Bunny, though we do have it on film). Man, some of those parents can sure get competitive. It was held on Domino's Farm, the HQ for ...guess! There is an actual farm with buffalo and other animals, plus a petting zoo. We also went to the University of Michigan's Museum of Natural History to look at dinosaurs. Pretty cool!

On May 2, Sarah was christened (well, actually "dedicated" is the better word, since there wasn't any water involved). Mom and Dad came and we had a wonderful weekend. May 1 was the first day of the great bird migration celebration at Point Pelee National Park in Canada. We all saw Lake Erie for the first time, and saw not a great amount of birds (we weren't looking that hard, and I forgot my binoculars), but a few yellow-rumped warblers, grackles (yes, their common, but they are still pretty!), red-winged black-birds (ditto!), and plenty of swallows along the marshland area. We stopped at an Italian restaurant in Windsor on the way home and were questioned by a Customs guard on the apples we had bought. Thankfully, dad and I must have exasperated him when, in answer to his question, "what kind of apples?" we started volunteering possible types, such as Jonathon, Braeburn, etc. He let us go after that. The weather was great all weekend and we are very happy they could come out to see their little grand-daughter for the first time (sorry, I don't have the pictures of grandparents and grandchild yet).

Click on image to view at full size! Please say hello to everyone for us. We hope to see many of you soon during our trip back east. Marky and Rachel, do you have that house yet? Give us your address! And a BIG congratulations to Lorraine! How did the award ceremony go? Let us know! And Bob, thanks for this super Family Forum space! It's a great idea!

We love you all! -- Mark, Sue, Sarah, and Harry

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