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Advertisement Samuel Kerwood Glass Oil & Color Merchant Portsmouth, ca 1877. Item number 000007_00000212 at The Kerwood name is everywhere, it seems, if you stop a moment to look least as far as the World Wide Web is concerned. You can search the RootsWeb Surname List (type "kerwood" in the surname field) and you'll find hints of Kerwood migration back to pre-Revolution days. The earliest reference I've seen comes from Dana Siegmund, P.O. Box 1434 Del Valle, TX 78617. Siegmund has identified a Kerwood migration record dating back to 1768.

The Kerwood name is out of this world, for a number of reasons, but perhaps it is best explained here, in a YouTube video - the origin of the Kerwood Derby!

One great resource for Kerwoods searching the web for geneology information is the Kerwood/Curwood discussion group on Yahoo!. Family genealogy and history both in the U.S. and elsewhere are explored within this community. It can be found on the web at

One cautionary note - while all of the pages linked here have the word "Kerwood" somewhere inside, it may be difficult to find. Use your browser's search function to find it quickly. That caveat aside, enjoy your surfing. :)

The advertisement on the right side of your screen is real, and you can purchase it yourself at - search on the word "kerwood" and you'll find it in their catalog.

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