Last Updated: Monday, October 21, 2002
Bill Mudge; North Kingstown School Committee

Bill and Carol Mudge Bill Mudge grew up in the old Wickford housing project that is now the site of Wilson Park. A product of the North Kingstown public school system, he graduated from North Kingstown High School - now known as the Wickford Middle School. In 1958 he married Carol Perry, now a retired North Kingstown elementary school librarian. As a young married man and father, he worked at Electric Boat in Quincy, MA and Groton, CT. Later, Bill went to work for the federal government at the Naval Underwater Systems Center (NUSC) in Newport. NUSC eventually became NUWC, the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and Bill Mudge served for many years as the Building Management Specialist for the Center. Bill's federal career eventually found him at center of a massive construction and repair operation at the Warfare Center, as the ending of the Cold War meant the closure of many naval laboratories and engineering facilities around the country. Many of these facilities were relocated to Newport, and Bill's expertise in managing over $200 million worth of both new construction as well as refurbishment of existing engineering centers and laboratories were crucial to the success of that operation. He retired from the Warfare Center in 1997.

As an active resident of North Kingstown, Bill Mudge made a strong impression on the town's youth, where he coached and refereed many an NK lad in Pop Warner football and Little League baseball. His large and extended family has ensured that his presence on the town's playing fields and gymnasiums has continued, even after his own children have grown to adulthood. With the families of his nieces and nephews - and his own two grandchildren - in the North Kingstown school system, Bill has a powerful incentive to strengthen and improve the town's investment in the educational and physical resources of the school system. He is convinced that the best way for him to achieve this goal is through a seat on the North Kingstown School Committee. If the voters agree and elect Bill Mudge to the School Committee, they will discover a man that will serve as a tireless advocate for the youth of North Kingstown, for the interests of the taxpayers, and for the betterment of our entire community.

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