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The Apple II WebRing!

The Mother of All Apple II Web Rings!

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In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to bind them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

Well, maybe it's not as spooky as J.R.R.Tolkien describes it in Lord of the Rings, but to an Apple II user trying to find the wealth of material online for their favorite computer, the World Wide Web may sometimes seem like the forbidding murk of Mordor. But there is a tool available to help bind all the Apple II web pages out on the net together in one convenient location, and this is it -- the Apple II WebRing!

What is the Apple II WebRing?

The Apple II WebRing is a group of web sites on the World Wide Web that are linked together by a graphic. Each site that is a member posts a graphic to their home page that links it to all of the other sites in the ring. By clicking on parts of the graphic, one can visit the next site in the ring, as well as the last site or a random site. One can also view a list of all of the sites in the ring or a list of the next 5 sites by clicking on the graphic as well. A complete listing of everyone in the Apple II Web Ring can be found here:

Who Can Join the Apple II WebRing?

Anyone that is doing their part to support the Apple II Community through a website that he or she administrates. While it is preferable that the site content be primarily geared to the Apple II user, it doesn't necessarily have to be. One big item that is taken into consideration when I evaluate a site for inclusion into the Apple II WebRing is the site's usability with Lynx (the web browser that nearly all Apple II machines can use to access the World Wide Web).

NOTE: Yahoo! no longer manages the web ring infrastructure.

CAVEAT: The final arbitrator on what constitutes a site that is appropriate for the Apple II WebRing is the Ring Adminstrator (e.g., Me). No site that promotes, endorses, or even turns a blind eye to pirated software will be welcome on this ring. Those are the only requirements.

How Can I Join the Apple II WebRing?

Just fill out the form below, and after you submit the form, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Contained in the e-mail you receive will be your site ID, as well as other important information. After you place the HTML code on your page and fill out the form below, send an email to the RingMaster (Moi) with your site ID and your URL. I will check to make sure you have displayed the graphic correctly, and if so, you will receive another e-mail confirming your acceptance into the ring.

The Graphic will look something like this:
[gif image of the Apple II WebRing Logo]

This is the default image, good for display on a white or gray background. If you need assistance with different color schemes for this logo, let me know.

I Want to Join!

Sure! Just follow the steps below!

Step 1 - Insert Logo HTML Fragment

Add the "Apple II WebRing" logo fragment onto your webpage. Directions for doing so are at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 - Fill out the form!

Submit site to The Apple II WebRing
Owner's Name:
Site Title:
Site URL:
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

Step 3 - You will soon receive an email message from the Ringmaster (moi). Your site will be examined, and if all is well, within a few days you should receive an e-mail confirming your acceptance to the site. Thanks for joining!


Insert the following HTML fragment into your webpage somewhere. Take note of the portions that are "boilerplate" - insert your email address where it says "," your name where it says "Your Name," your site's URL where it says "" Make sure this code is then inserted in the source code of the web page that you are submitting for inclusion into the Apple II WebRing!

<FONT SIZE=-1 FACE="verdana,geneva,arial"><BR>
<A HREF="">
<IMG BORDER=0 SRC="" WIDTH="220" HEIGHT="56" ALT="The Apple II WebRing!" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go to the Apple II Web Ring Home Page" ></A><BR>
This site brought to you by
<A HREF=" Apple II WebRing" TITLE="Send email">Your Name</A>
at <A HREF="">Your Organization</A><BR>
<A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go back two sites in the ring">
Back 2</A>
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go back one site in the ring">
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go to a random Apple II ring site">
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="View a complete listing of all the sites in the ring">
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go to the Apple II Web Ring home page">
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Go to the next site in the ring">
| <A HREF="" TARGET="_top" TITLE="Skip ahead two sites in the ring">
Forward 2</A></FONT>

Make sure you change all information in YELLOW to support your site. Obviously if you are using Lynx you won't see what the yellow text is, though it should show up in SIS. In any event, you need to replace the boilerplate portions of this snippet with your own information, and you can customize the text blurb if you want.

  • Where it says "" replace with your email address.
  • Where it says "" replace with your web site's url.
  • Where it says "Your Name" replace with, um, your name.
  • Where it says "Your Organization" replace with y...oh hell. You get the drill.

When you have it all completed and drop the HTML fragment onto your page, it will appear similar to this:

The Apple II WebRing!
The Apple II WebRing is a service of A2-Web and is sponsored by West Bay Web
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